About us

About us

Buzzermedia has been operating in the field of conducting and performing concerts of great Iranian singers for over 15 years.
Turkey, Germany, Sweden, Norway, America, England, Canada, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia etc. It is among the countries where our concerts are held.
A summary of our company's biography is

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The goals of the company is to create an atmosphere full of energy for dear art lovers to have a memorable experience for themselves and their families in meeting their beloved singer.


How to get the quality of a good concert?

In order to hold a good and quality concert, choosing the right hall to hold the concert can be one of the most important things, and then paying attention to things like the sound, video and lighting system, as well as the right stage, is of great importance.

 The location of the hall is one of the most important points for the best movement of the participants, as well as the management and planning of a knowledgeable and experienced team to coordinate from the moment the participants enter until the last person leaves the hall, which will bring more satisfaction to the agents and the audience.

How is a concert held?

First of all, choosing suitable halls for performance is the most important principle of this matter.

In the next step, timing and ticket sales are the most important points that must be taken.  After getting the permits for the concerts, we will enter the performance stage.

The most popular Iranian music album
Prepared by the management of our company mr behdad kamvari

Amir Farshbaf is the liaison between Shadmehr and the album team, and together with Behdad Kamouri, they are the producers of this album.  Saeed Zamani and Milad Hashemi arranged all the songs except "Don't repeat me" which was arranged by Shadmehr, in which various string instruments were used.
 The songs "Experience" and "Always" were released with a music video before the release of the album, and the video of the song "I'll keep you going" was released after the release of the album.  Also, the second version of the music video of "Experience Kan" called the fan version, which was made with the videos sent by Shadmehr's fans of the singing of this song, was released and received attention.  The music video of "Rozsard" was also released on April 10, 2016, which was accompanied by an unplugged and acoustic arrangement, different from the album version.
 In a survey conducted on Shadmehr's Telegram channel, "Cold Roz" was chosen as the most popular and best song of this album with 37% of Shadmehr's fans' votes.  The songs "Always", "Experience", "Loneliness", "I will continue", "Don't repeat me", "Wisdom and love" and "Pride" were ranked second to eighth.
 According to the polls of Radio Javan and Wikiseda, the album "Experience Kan" was chosen as the best album of 2015. [Requires source]
 Mixing and mastering of all parts of this album was done by Mohammad Falahi.


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Bazaar Media company has shown 
its quality to everyone with more than hundreds of performances all over the world.
The goals of our company are performances worthy of you honorable people.
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Founded in 2010, Buzzermedia is a respected Toronto entertainment company with many years of concert management, production expertise, and successful events.

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